Repairing things does business (and reduce waste)

The Edinburgh Remakery is an innovative retail, which teaches how to repair things and then successfully sells those brought back to life. Sewing fabrics and mending disused clothes, repairing computers and televisions are the first steps of a business, which might become viral. The Edinburgh “social” shop currently purchases renewed clothes, refurbished apparels and hosts workshops where people can learn (also having fun) useful but easy techniques. This sartup is born in Scotland not by chance: this country has an ambitiuos waste reduction plan through the acceleration of new enterprises. Remakery has an interesting and it addresses mainly young people: «We want to generate a repair revolution. This means changing the way people use and dispose of resources» Sophie Unwin, founder, affirms. «We encourage people to appreciate long-lasting things which can generate benefit and wellness. In the past there were several artisans able in fixing lamps, watches, televisions and stereo systems: professions which are unfortunately disappearing even though they could still a lot of work». Sophie got this idea after a year spent in a village in rural eastern Nepal, where communities sustain eachother by repairing and exchanging goods and services. «New generations need similar examples. They should learn how to fix objects and tools, recovering that knowledge our grandparents used to receive from their parents». To begin with: is a website where you can learn how to fix things, because, as they affirm in the homepage: “We’re consuming too fast, creating unnecessary waste and feeling frustrated”.

Una vita biodinamica
a cura di Giuliana Zoppis

Novità, eventi, prodotti e servizi per uno stile di vita innovativo e consapevole:
tutto ciò che può dare una svolta “ECO” alle azioni di ogni giorno con responsabilità, curiosità, fantasia, volontà di cambiare in meglio noi e il mondo in cui viviamo.

È lo spazio dedicato al biodinamico, condotto su La da Giuliana Zoppis, architetto e giornalista specializzata nei temi ecodesign, bioedilizia e sostenibilità socio-ambientale.
Dopo numerose esperienze editoriali (Rizzoli / Corriere della Sera, Giorgio Mondadori / AD-Architectural Digest Italia e Mondadori) e televisive (Rai 2, Il Piacere di Abitare), collabora con i settimanali D-Dcasa e Il Venerdì de La Repubblica e il magazine Mark Up. È nella Commissione Sostenibilità di ADI (Associazione Disegno Industriale). Nell’autunno 2006 ha fondato con Clara Mantica il primo circuito per la promozione dell’abitare sostenibile Best Up.