A unique ecosystem of nature

180 hectares of cultivation and pastures that protect numerous animal species: La raia is a true supporter of biodiversity.

We value the ecosystem following the biodynamic principles and respecting the biodiversity

The estate extends over 180 hectars, including 45 of vineyards, 60 of fields and the remaining are pastures, chestnut, elderflower and acacia woodlands protecting numerous species of wild animals.La raia is a true supporter of biodiversity.

The conversion of land and vineyards from conventional to organic, the construction of the winery with natural materials, the rediscovery of ancient crops and the grazing of cows, make the farm an oasis of biodiversity for bees, pollinating insects and many animals. La Raia is a unique ecosystem, in which coexist the presence of man with his work, animals and many varieties of plants, in addition to the vines that extend for 45 hectares on the hills of Gavi.

The byodinamic culture

The biodynamic method, which is becoming more and more popular all over the world, encourages to consider the farm as a single organism where human activities are in perfect harmony with plants and animals.

Demeter certification

International Demeter Certification controls on the conformity to such principles and to the provided procedures are constant

Discovering biodiversity

The promotion of biodiversity is one of the core values that have inspired La Raia through the years and it’s the commitment that we put in our work every day.