The Wine Tour

Visit our vineyards and the pisé wine cellar, with a brief explanation on the cultivation methods and a tasting of our wines.

The tour of La Raia starts from the origins of our leading product: the vineyards

Welcome to La Raia. We have built our Wine Tours to satisfy our guests' different requests: from the aficionados who would like to know more about our farm and taste our biodynamic wines, to the guests who have more time and wish for a light lunch to try the local cuisine, and also the guests accompanied by a group of friends. We also organize more articulated tastings in the Gavi and Langhe regions, with the Nebbiolos and Barolos produced in our organic farm Tenuta Cucco at Serralunga d’Alba.

The exposure and the microclimate grant our Gavis that mineral hint which is the distinctive feature of this vine variety. The visit comprises in particular the farm’s oldest vineyards: from which derives our Gavi DOCG Pisé and our Gavi DOCG Riserva. During spring and summer, it will be especially pleasant to walk along grassed rows and to discover the green manure technique, which allows the vines’ roots to get the richest nourishment from the deep soil.

The tour will then focus on the cellar, with its unique architecture, which perfectly melts contemporary materials such as glass, steel and layered wood, with ancient building techniques, such as rammed earth. Its distinctive feature in fact, is the great pisé wall created by the Austrian artist and architect Martin Rauch, the greatest international expert of this technique. The visitor is then given an explanation of the winemaking methods. Particularly interesting because the whole wine making process is Demeter certified therefore follows the biodynamic principles: low temperatures, the slightest usage of sulphur, indigenous yeasts.

Out of the winery a new experience begins, thanks to project Nel Paesaggio (within the landscape), launched in 2013 by Fondazione La Raia – arte cultura e territorio with three artworks by artist Remo Salvadori. The works are inspired by La Raia’s architecture, its surroundings and its unique landscape where vineyards, grazing and woodlands alternate along gentle hills. So Continuo infinito presente, Nel momento and Sabato piantare il cipresso, the fourth garden made by Salvadori lead the visitor to look at spaces and nature in a different way. In 2014 a second work was made in the property: OUSSSER, a wall painting that comes alive at sunset, by Anglo-Korean artist Koo Jeong-A. A new work recently enriched La Raia’s landscape: BALES 2014/2017, two haystacks in phosphorescent hues, made of thin plastic threads in bright fluo colours by German artist Michael Beutler. In May Adrien Missika created Palazzo delle Api, an artwork made in luserna stone, dedicated to nomad bees. You can admire it at the edges of the lake near the winery.

The tour ends with a tasting of three or five of our labels that takes place inside the cellar during wintertime and close to the estate’s lake in spring and summer time. Wines are served with local organic products and courses prepared by the best “taste artisans” of the area, using the raw materials produced at La Raia, such as the monococcum einkorn cultivated according to biodynamic principles. It is possible to also combine the visit of La Raia with a visit of Tenuta Cucco, the winery estate property of the Rossi Cairo family in Serralunga d’Alba, the Langhe region.

Here our proposals and booking methods. We are waiting for you.

Visit with tasting

Visit the pisé winery with tasting of three biodynamic wine labels La raia, accompanied by a selection of local products. The visit is available in both Italian and English. For information write an e-mail at


Visit with light lunch at Locanda La Raia

A tasting of our biodynamic excellence paired with three La Raia labels along with local cured meats, cheeses and our honeys, followed by a lunch inspired by our region's tradition at Locanda La Raia. The tour is available both in Italian and in English. For additional information email

Visit "From Gavi to Langhe"

A tasting with a view on the vineyards of four Cru labels of Tenimenti Rossi Cairo. Two Gavi from La raia and two Barolo from Tenuta Cucco, accompanied by traditional local produtcs. For information write an e-mail at

Visit for groups

You can book visits for groups by choosing the wine labels to taste and the formula of the visit. For information write to