Three Itineraries to discover a unique landscape in the heart of Gavi.

Three itineraries, discovering a unique landscape, in the heart of Gavi.

The passion for biodynamic viticulture, the promotion of biodiversity and the interpretation that contemporary art can give of this corner of Gavi, at La Raia become three itineraries to discover a unique landscape.

La Raia consists of an extraordinary variety of natural environments and skilfully restored buildings. To discover and enjoy them, we have mapped out three itineraries following the roads and tracks within the Estate: the Wine Itinerary, which reaches the cellar, for the tasting of our biodynamic wines; the Biodiversity Route, a trail of approximately three kilometers to get lost among the vineyards, hedges and riparian woods that characterize La Raia's territory; the Art Itinerary, to discover the works, eleven to date, of Fondazione La Raia. Three unforgettable walks from Locanda to Borgo Merlassino, with a guide, if you like, or with a map.

Biodiversity Itinerary

A trail of approximately three kilometers crosses the entire estate from North to South, from Borgo Merlassino to Locanda, passing through the cellar. You can follow it with a map or with one of our guides to gradually discover the landscape and the tiny inhabitants of this corner of Gavi, getting lost among the vineyards, hedges, and riparian woods that characterize La Raia's territory.

Wine Itinerary

The roads and paths within the estate run alongside our Cortese, Barbera and Pinot Noir vineyards, and lead to the cellar and barrel cellar.

Art Itinerary

The contributions of artists, coming from Italy and abroad, have enriched Gavi’s territory favoring a critical reflection on the landscape and nature.