A place that is balanced and harmonic in all of its elements

La Raia is a Demeter certified byodinamic farm. It is located in the heart of Gavi hills, in an area with an ancient wine tradition thanks to a unique microclimate that promotes the maturation of the grape and the production of red and white biodynamic wines.

The estate extends over 180 hectars, including 48 of vineyards, 60 of fields and the remaining are pastures, chestnut, elderflower and acacia woodlands protecting numerous species of wild animals.
The Rossi Cairo family bought La Raia in 2003, with the aim of recovering and enhancing the original ecosystem through a broad intervention project, inspired by the biodynamic principles.

The first change was the conversion of the vine cultivations: green manure among the rows, dynamized horn manure to fertilize the marly soil deeply, intense aeration, absence of pesticides, moderate quantities of cave sulphur and copper sprayed during specific periods of the year. Pruning happens during a descending moon.

Crop rotation was reintroduced with the recovery of ancient cultivations such as monococcum einkorn and rye. Finally, livestock pasture farming was reintroduced as well with cows of fassone race. The variety and richness of the vegetation within the estate make La Raia a true biodiversity oasis for bees and other pollinator insects: hence a copious production of acacia, multi-flower and woodland honey.

Today, La Raia produces three kinds of multi-awarded Gavi D.O.C.G. – Gavi, Gavi Riserva Vigna della Madonnina and Gavi Pisé and two kinds of Piemonte D.O.C. Barbera. The cellar has been thought and built with an ancient environmentally friendly construction technique called pisé. This technique harmonises with Piedmont’s gentle hills that surround La Raia. For the realisation of the cellar we called the Austrian architect Martin Rauch, one of the most experts of this technique on an international scale.

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The evolution of a cru.


A unique ecosystem of nature

180 hectares of cultivation and pastures that protect numerous animal species: La raia is a true supporter of biodiversity.

The vineyards

At our farm La Raia we follow the biodynamic approach, not only dispensing with fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, but also using the soil and its vital resources in a careful and responsible way

The pisé winery

One of the most interesting challenges faced during La Raia’s estate renovation was the building of the winery, whose façade is a pisé (rammed earth) wall, according to Novi Ligure’s tradition.

The wines

White Cortese and red Piemonte Barbera La Raia are wines with strong personality and surprising ability to evolve. Thanks to the biodynamic method they fully express the originality and vitality of the Gavi terroir.

The Wine Tour

The Wine Tour at La Raia starts from our products’ origin, the vineyards: over 45 hectares of perfectly exposed limestone soil, biodynamically cultivated. The tour continues in the wine raw earth cellar for an explanation on the wine-making techniques and a tasting of our wines.

The products

In our grazing lands, we breed Fassone cows free and besides vines, we cultivate according to byodinamic method hectares of soil devoted to ancient seeds, like rye and small spelt and we produce three organic honeys.

The estate’s people

Passion, professionality and an essential shared value: respect for the land and its natural cycles is the common creed for the people who work at La Raia; the quality of our products originates from our people's quality.