The wines

La Raia White Cortese and red Piemonte Barbera are wines with a strong personality and a surprising ability to evolve. Thanks to the biodynamic method they fully express the originality and vitality of the Gavi terroir.

The search for the wines’ quality into the quality of the environment

The vines from which our Gavi and our Piemonte Barbera come from are grown without resorting to synthetic products or chemicals. We follow the principles of biodynamics aiming at the vitality of the soil and the harmonious growth of all the components of each plant.

The collection

Four Gavi from Cortese grapes in purity and Piemonte Barbera, the purest expression of the tradition of these places, with a surprising Pinot Nero.

The production

The production phases follow the procedures and values that inspire our work in the vineyards. Wines ferment with indigenous yeasts and save their characteristics thanks to a careful low-temperature technique that allows to limit the use of sulphites well below the Demeter rules.


Over the years, La Raia wines have received prizes and awards, confirming that respect and attention to the land always give quality.