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Gavi’s traditional cuisine, historically contaminated by elements from Liguria and Piedmont, has been revised in the menu signed by Michelin-awarded chef Tommaso Arrigoni.

Reserve a table at Locanda La Raia Discover the winter menu created by Michelin-starred chef Tommaso Arrigoni.

Tommaso Arrigoni, a young Michelin starred chef for Locanda La Raia’s restaurant

Form January 2019 Tommaso Arrigoni, a young starred chef who owns Innocenti Evasioni in Milan, signs the menu of Locanda La Raia restaurant. He focused his proposal on the seasonality and on the interpretation of the ancient tradition of Gavi cuisine, a unique crossroads of Ligurian and Piedmontese influences. "My mission - says Arrigoni - is to enhance the products of the biodynamic farm La Raia: ancient cereals such as einkorn wheat, fruit and vegetables from the organic garden and meats that come from Fassona cows, raised in the pasture. Local are also cheeses and cured meats, such as the famous testa in cassetta, which come from the Slow Food presidents of the area. "

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“Locanda La Raia is a magic place within a spontaneous nature that goes well with the work of the man and that fascinates and captures at first glance. With my menus I want to give values to the pillars of Gavi’s tradition”.

Tommaso Arrigoni, 1 Michelin star

Christmas at Locanda La Raia

Celebrate Christmas with your family at the Locanda, with the traditional holiday season menu by Tommaso Arrigoni.

New Year's Eve and Day at Locanda La Raia

The traditional New Year's Eve dinner by Tommaso Arrigoni with fabulous dishes inspired by the sea and our region.

Menu "Between Gavi and Langhe"

A match between Tenimenti Rossi Cairo wines and Ligurian and Piedmontes dishes.

À la carte menu

The products of the estate to interpret the territory of Gavi at its best.