Discovering biodiversity

Promoting biodiversity is one of the values that have inspired La Raia over the years, and the leading commitment in our daily job. In the farm, Demeter certified since 2007, natural plants, fruit trees, vines nurtured by man’s work and many animal species coexist in a perfect harmony: a huge mosaic with vineyards, cultivated fields, pastures, woods, hedges, gardens and buildings.

Renato Cottalasso, renowned ornithologist, dedicated to this unique ecosystem his book “Alla scoperta della biodiversità” (Discovering biodiversity), published by Fondazione La Raia. The book examines the delicate interaction between animal and vegetable lives, the unimaginable dynamics of fight and survival, and contains many artistic pictures of the creatures that inhabit La Raia.

“This book is dedicated to those who love nature in all the forms which are simple, complex and mysterious too. It describes the biodiversity, the real value of La Raia and how it can be pursued in our garden, in our cities and in our country."

Giorgio Rossi Cairo, Chairman and Founder of Fondazione La Raia arte cultura territorio

Renato Cottalasso

Renato Cottalasso, born in Genoa in 1971, collaborated with Regione Liguria in the Parks Department and, together with the expert of birds of prey Massimo Campora, carried out naturalistic researches and several documentaries on birds and amphibians.

With the publishing house Il Piviere, that he contributed to found, he carried out researches and analyses on the local fauna, especially wolves. Since 2005 he has developed a research method using photo-traps, that allows to discover and learn new aspects of wild animals’ biology.


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Author: Renato Cottalassso
Published by: Fondazione La Raia 
Pages: 116
Price: € 19,50 VAT included
Pictures: over 200 colour images
Date of issue: November 2018
ISBN: 8894368106

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