BIOMEGA Multiverso

BIOMEGA Multiverso, is an installation composed of screen prints and embroidery on fabric, in dialogue with an original marble pyralid, a moth of the Ostrinia nubilalis species whose caterpillar is a parasite that devastates corn crops (corn borer). This artwork is part of Fondazione La Raia’s collection. One of the aims of the project is to prompt visitors to ask themselves how aesthetics, and the application of the studies of the neurosciences, can influence their choices as consumers.

In BIOMEGA Multiverso traditional artistic techniques like screen printing and embroidery are combined with new technologies. Through the use of “eye tracking”, a tool of neuromarketing research that traces automatic and continuous movements of the gaze, Veneziano leads viewers towards new interpretations of the visible. The tracing of automatic eye movements, known as saccades, is reproduced in the installation by means of embroidery on fabric. Each embroidery represents a map of the observation points of the eyes of people asked by the artist to take part in tests while they are observing stock photos. These images are generally used by advertising agencies to create publicity for food products, portraying fruit and vegetables that are visually perfect to convey an idea of quality. After a process of stylization, Veneziano has reproduced these images in his screen prints.

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