Il Corsaro Nero e la vendetta del Gavi, la performance

On 25 May 2019, for the launch of Francesco Jodice’s exhibition “Il corsaro Nero e la vendetta del Gavi” at La Raia there have been a performance from Romualdo Marengo’s musical corps. The 45 masters of the band performed the original music of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, a classical composer and one of the soundtrack of Italian cinema’s fathers. In his research preparatory to the exhibition, Jodice has investigated the vernacular anecdotes and the characters who made the history of the territory and has valued the work of the Maestro Lavagnino - that in his career has made over 300 soundtracks and that chose Gavi as his adoption’s land. The music of Gli specialisti (1969, directed by Sergio Corbucci) and La morte viene dal pianeta Aytin (1967, directed by Antonio Margheriti) were performed. The transcription of the scores was edited by Maestro Pietro Leveratto from Conservatory Niccolò Paganini in Genoa