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La Raia on the Guida de L'Espresso 2022

The 44th edition of the Guide "I Ristoranti e i Vini d'Italia 2022", an annual publication about Italian food and wine excellences, is finally out: La Raia, with its cru and its Locanda, is not missing..

In the section dedicated to wines, edited by Andrea Grignaffini, a score of four bottles for our cru, the Gavi Pisé, and this impression of our estate: "La Raia is not only a splendid estate immersed in the green countryside but also a small microcosm of biodynamic inspiration, formed not only by the cellar but also by a small stable, a school, a kindergarten. The cultivation of the vine coexists with the ones of vegetables and cereals, an inn and an art foundation".