Gavi D.O.C.G. Riserva Vigna Madonnina

Biodynamic Piedmontese White Wine

It embodies the terroir’s tradition. Grapes are handpicked slightly ripe, with a golden yellow colouring. A complex aroma of ripe fruit, honey and candied fruit characterizes the wine obtained.

The soil

La Madonnina vineyard within La Raia’s estate is situated on a south-east. The calcareous, clayish and marly soil is particularly suitable for Cortese vine farming. As for all of our vineyards, we avoid any kind of fertilizer and chemical products. The soil is planted with green manure – made up of broad beans, peas and clover – which, once trimmed, transforms into fertilizer and humus.


Cortese grapes for the production of Gavi Riserva benefit of great thermic ventilation and an ideal microclimate, thanks to their natural exposure. Yield does not go over 65 quintals per hectare. During the maturation phase grapes are selected in the vineyard, allowing to obtain a naturally awesome alcoholic content.

Wine making

Grapes are harvested and handpicked at the end of September. After the selection, grapes are destemmed and delicately pressed. The must obtained is then decanted without adding any oenological additives at a low temperature. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in small stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Approximately 25 days later, at the end of the fermentation, the wine is poured into another stainless steel tank, and there it remains for 6 months, as required by the production regulations. The Gavi docg Riserva is then bottled and continues refining for another six months in the bottle, before being exposed to the market. This refinement procedure results into a long-lived and pleasant to drink wine.

Tasting notes

COLOUR: straw yellow, more or less intense.
AROMA: fine and delicate, with floral hints typical of the Gavi area.
MOUTH FEEL: rich, dry, harmonic, and pleasant to the palate, savoury, with a persistent warm finish.
Contains sulphites

Perfect pairing

Excellent with seafood, above all with shellfish of which it brings out the par- ticular taste, and with light first courses and risotto. It is the perfect match also for fresh or semi-soft cheese.
Best served: Between 10° and 12° C.

Perfect storage

Bottles should be stored in a cool dry place, and in the dark, at 12°/15° C.


Respecting the earth gives great quality. Gavi D.O.C.G. Riserva Vigneto Madonnina has received several awards over the years and we are happy to share them with you.

  • WOW!: Gold
  • I vini di Veronelli 2023: 2 stars
  • Gambero Rosso 2023: 2 glasses
  • Vitae. La guida vini 2023: 4 vines
  • I vini di Veronelli 2022: 2 stars
  • Gambero Rosso 2022: 2 glasses
  • Vitae. La guida vini 2022: 4 vines
  • Bibenda 2022: 4 grapes
  • Vini buoni d’Italia 2022: 2 stars
  • Civiltà del bere 2022: Medaglia d’oro
  • 92 punti
  • I Vini di Veronelli: 2 stelle
  • Gambero Rosso: 2 bicchieri
  • Bibenda: 4 grappoli
  • Slow Wine: Vino strutturato, arricchito da una piacevole acidità ben equilibrata.
  • Vitae: 3 grappoli
  • Vini buoni d’Italia: 4 stelle
  • Gambero Rosso 2019: 3 bicchieri rossi
  • Bibenda 2018: 4 grappoli
  • Gambero Rosso 2018: 2 bicchieri rossi
  • Vitae. La guida vini 2018: Vino di elevato livello
  • Go Wine: Cantine d’Italia 2018, Vino da provare
  • Slow Wine 2017: Fresco alla bocca, rotondo e piacevolmente lungo
  • Bibenda 2017: 5 grappoli
  • I Vini di Veronelli 2017: Due stelle, Vino ottimo
  • Gambero Rosso 2017: 2 bicchieri rossi
  • Millesime Bio 2017: Medaglia d’oro
  • Slow Wine 2016: Vino Slow, miglior vino dell’anno
  • I Vini di Veronelli 2016: 2 stelle
  • Bibenda 2016: 5 grappoli
  • Gambero Rosso 2016: 2 bicchieri rossi
  • Vini Buoni d’Italia: Una buona espressione di freschezza ed eleganza
  • I vini d’Italia 2016: 4 bottiglie – 16.5/20
  • Annuario dei migliori vini italiani: 84/100
  • Decanter 2015: Medaglia di Bronzo
  • I vini d’Italia 2015, Le Guide de L’Espresso: Vino di livello molto alto
  • I vini di Veronelli 2015: 87/100 Vino ottimo
  • Gambero Rosso 2015: Due bicchieri rossi
  • I vini buoni d’Italia 2015: Quattro stelle
  • Annuario dei migliori vini italiani 2015: 80/100

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