Within the estate we cultivate 50 hectares of soil devoted to ancient seeds such as monococcum and dicoccum einkorn, small spelt and rye. We alternate different cultivations by following crop rotation according to the biodynamic agricultural principles and, all of our products are Demeter certified.

Particularly, our stone ground spelt flour is used to produce pennette, tagliolini, fusilli and tagliatelle by Pasta d’Alba, a young and dynamic enterprise founded in 2006 by Dario e Rosangela Mainardi.

It is a family-run and fully organic company, whose keywords are quality, creativity and innovation. We chose Pasta d’Alba, because it has been able to enhance a precious cultivation like that of spelt, to which we devote great care and attention throughout the year.

Small spelt

Small spelt gives a flour that needs a shorter leavening compared to the other flour types.


Stone-ground emmer flour is used to make pasta: small penne, thin noodles, fusilli and tagliatelle made by Pasta d’Alba.


Spelt, sweet and light, is very similar to soft wheat.


Rye grains are used to prepare vegetable soups or, after they have been toasted and ground, to make a healthy drink that replaces coffee.

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